More House Pics

The front of the house with the driveway in the wrong place!  Thank goodness we went out there when we did because the landscaper was there and was really nice about it all, and told us he would move the driveway, and that he was just putting where he was told (even though we told them NOT to put it there!), so he was super helpful, and is going to move it to the right of the house by the mudroom entrance, between the two trees.  He said he would even lay a walkway from there to the front door:)  But, you can see the pretty brick is complete!

And a look at all of our new stairs:
I'm thrilled with the quality of the steps/stoops.  They are custom built and really sturdy.  Not what you usually see on manufactured homes.  Now it's not an ordeal to get inside the house anymore, lol.


Karen said...

Oooohh! Pretty!!!!
And what were they thinking?????No one has a drive up to the front door of their house! I'm glad the one actually doing the work is getting it right.
The brick is very pretty, as well as the steps. They look good and sturdy.
I know you're getting so excited!
Love you

Ash said...

That driveway looks ridiculous. I'm just sayin'

Who would have thought that you would want it in the middle of your house. Stupid.

Are you going to paint your stairs? I think they look nice, just wondering.

Carolina Gal said...

You're not private, anymore? Either that or my computer has a mind of it's own. :o)
Oh, and your word verification does not have anything pictured, so you have to sign in twice to get it to appear. Just sayin'.
Love you

Christie Belle said...

Momma..not private anymore, that's why all my posts probably popped up in your feed. And I took the word verification thingy off, so it shouldn't mess up now. Thanks for letting me know! Love you!

Ashley..the driveway was stupid, I'm so glad they moved it! Now if they can just figure out that corner! And I want to paint the steps, just don't know what color, we might stain them and waterproof them. Just a thought! Love you as well!