My Poor Baby

My sweet Jason is just so tired these days.  This month was his first full class as a MCT Instructor.  Being the new guy is not a fun place to be in.  They are giving him all the crap jobs, and have been making him pull double duties where he is gone for 2 nights at a time, and alot of times, they don't allow him to go to sleep.  Alot of the things they are doing very closely resemble hazing, and I am so tired of it, and I know Jason is tired of it.  He keeps hearing that it gets better...it has to, right?  At least this class graduates tomorrow, and he won't pick up another one for 3 weeks.  We are hoping for a break and some time back home with our family very soon!

Here is my poor fella after pulling one of those 2-nighters.  As I was making him breakfast, he fell asleep sitting up at his computer.  You have to be pretty exhausted to fall asleep like that...

Hoping that this is not how the next 3 years are going to go...

I have to keep reminding myself that it is better than him being deployed again.


Karen said...

Yes, it is much, much better than him being in Iraq, again.
He'll rest up and be back to his normal, happy self.
Love you both,

Jason said...

yea itbeats going back iraq hands down, but i can't wait to it gets better soon. love you sweetie

p.s. love you 2 mommie

Unknown said...

Awwww, that's no fair! Hope the 3 weeks off brings some good R&R for you both:)

Ash said...

Bless his heart. This is so stupid.

Ash said...

So sorry to hear that it has been so rough! :( We will pray that it starts to get better!

Christie Belle said...

Thank you everyone..this week has been some better, but we'll see once he goes back for the next class..keep praying, and thank you!!! Love you all:)

Autum said...

Hi Christie,
I found my way to your blog via your mom's. I hope you are feeling better.
After reading that your husband was a Marine and instructed new Marines, I wondered if maybe he had been one of my son's instructors, but I guess he was deployed when Casey went through MCT (spring of 09).
He's stationed at New River.
I love finding bloggers who are "neighbors"!

Congratulations on your new house!