A Sad Day, Post # 2

Today, I'm asking my dear blogging friends to lift my Grandma Evon up in prayers.  She has been taken back to the hospital by ambulance due to her blood pressure dropping and fluid in her lung.  She's not recovering as quicklyor as well as we had all hoped.  We are all waiting to hear news on what's going on, as they are admitting her again.  I still believe that she didn't survive that heart attack for nothing.  I just want to see her back in top shape.  I've been talking to her on the phone this week, and she was sounding better finally, she was in good spirits and laughing more.  She still has a lot of life and fight in her, and I'm praying this is not something serious, and if you all would too, it would mean the world to me.  I really feel like our family has been under attack for a while now, and without the Lord, things would've, at times, seemed hopeless.  I'm so thankful that we have our God to lean on in times like this, He is so good, and I know He is with us all right now.

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