Another Decade

Welcome 2010! The start of a new decade! I really can't believe it. I have big hopes for 2010, and we are praying for big things to happen. After a long week this week, with my grandmother in the hospital and having open heart surgery after suffering a heart attack Christmas night, we are celebrating the start of this year with her still here! She came through surgery like a champ, and we are so blessed to still have her with us. Come to find out, she has coronary artery disease, and with that, the doc said, most people don't survive the heart attack. She's a fighter, that is for sure!

So, I wish all of you a very Happy New Year. Here we come, 2010!


Tracy said...

Happy New Year, Christie! I cant imagine how thrilled you are to have Jason home. I've so enjoyed seeing your home through the pictures you've shared. I lOVE your decorating style. Too bad you didn't live closer, I'd have you help me!

I'm praying for your grandma.

Renea said...

Happy New Year! So glad that your Grandma is doing better! When are you going to post game night pics?