Crutches...Check. Knee Wrap/a.k.a. the Ace Bandage...Check.

Ice Pack...Check.
Nurse Ashwee...Check, Check!

Dang it, if I didn't mess up my knee the very week before I move! The pain got so unbearable by Thursday night, that I went to the doctor Friday morning, followed by an MRI of my knee. The doc thinks I have a torn meniscus (I have NO idea how I did it because I didn't feel it when it happened). As for what happens from here, I don't know. I've heard minor surgery may be needed if that is what it is. Praying that that's not needed! I've been staying off of it as much as I can, using crutches, icing it, wrapping it, elevating it...or, I should say Ashley has been icing it, wrapping it, and elevating it. She is a spectacular nurse! She has been at my every beck and call (and if you were wondering...beck and call IS the correct term, I googled it because I thought it was beckon call). She has taken really good care of me and just jumped in and is doing everything to help me feel better and to keep me comfy. I'm lucky to have such a good live in nurse:) Plus, Alaina stayed over last night and helped out with everything I needed too. I got me a good family, that's for sure!


Karen said...

Yes, we're hoping and praying that surgery won't be needed. You have great sisters if I do say so myself. ;o)
But they've got a pretty good sister, too.
Love you,

Renea said...

Bless your heart!! Hope it gets better REAL soon with all you have going on. Let me know if you need to cancel tomorrow! It's no prob if we do.