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After skipping a week at the gym, I felt like it was the first day all over again. After 10 minutes, I was seriously thinking about taking a nap on the thigh machine. It is the one most like a recliner. I don't think I will miss a week again.
I'm loving this warmer weather. I wore capris and flip flops 2 days in a row. It's not strange for NC that I will be pulling my winter coat out again on Thursday. But I'm still kinda annoyed, I want it to stay spring. Spring is the last season before summer, and Jason comes home for R&R in summer:)
Austin and I are having a sleepover:) He is laying on the bed watching cartoons. It's after midnight. If we don't get in bed soon, I think we might get a knock on the door from his Mommy!
Austin is my shopping buddy. I think it's just because I'm his aunt and he knows he can always talk me in to buying something extra for him that we didn't intend on going for. He came out with a new toy car, 2 pairs of swim shorts, and new flip flops. I'm such a sucker!
Matt is not used to having a dog loose in the house. He keeps leaving the bathroom door open and the toilet lid up. This is not a good combination for a puppy with no self control. I think I'm going to make a sign and put it on the toilet to remind him. Puppy pee pee clean up is not on my to do list, especially when he's potty trained. It seems to all go out the window when he drinks his weight in toilet water:(
We have week two of puppy training class tomorrow night. Kojak is doing well. He is very food motivated. I think he would do about anything for a treat. This works very much in my favor. Now if I can just get him to walk with his new lead on. Every other step, he stops to paw at his nose. I almost always trip over him. Not a good thing for someone who is already an extreme klutz. I'm just hoping it doesn't happen in front of the whole class.
Austin is in extreme "boy mode". It's the 4 year old thing too, I think. He loves to tell everyone to "Shmell my feet". I still crack up...that's probably not good to encourage him.
Jason is being sent to a new location, probably as I type. This makes me extremely nervous. I hate when he's traveling. It will only be for a few days to fix some equipment at another place. He and another guy are being flown by the air force, so that's better than a convoy or helicopter. But still pray for safety. I'll be a nervous wreck the rest of the week.
I've lost 13 lbs. since I came home with Weight Watchers and by going to the gym:) I'm extremely happy about that! I am feeling so much better. My blood sugar levels are coming down, and I have more energy. I'm wondering what took me so long to get on board. It was the evil sofa and TV. I think they were conspiring against me.
I think I'm a bit more motivated to get healthier too, because Jason has been hitting the gym since he got to Iraq. From what I'm hearing, he's getting pretty pumped up. He's acquired the nickname "Moose". I laughed hysterically when I heard this. Probably not the reaction he was wanting;o)
Kojak is getting the "snip snip" next Friday. Poor little guy. He's gonna be mad at me. I'm just gonna be glad that it will hopefully settle him down a bit. I swear, he's part kangaroo.
I'm going to a Pampered Chef party Thursday night. This is never good for my checking account.
My dear friend, Laura, has asked me to help her with her daughter, Allyson's, birthday party. Al is an extreme girly girl, and Laura, well, Laura is so not. Al wants a girly princess type party, where she and her friends get "makeovers" and have their fingers and toes painted. Laura says I'm the girliest girl she's ever met, so it was just natural that I help. I think it will be fun:) It will be in 2 1/2 weeks. I will take pictures.
Ok, we've so got to get to bed, Kojak will be waking us up to go pee way earlier than I would like, I'm sure. Plus, I have a smallish fear of my sister kicking my tail if I don't get Austin in bed.


Renea said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I know it makes you feel great and accomplished. I will be praying for Jason!

Karen said...

I love that you love spending time with Austin. You have such a heart for "wee ones". He loves you so much. I know Ashley is very appreciative of all your help with him, too. I bet you will be a little sleepy today!
Love you, and congratulations on the 13 lbs.!

Ash said...

Austin is spoiled rotten with you. But seriously, thank you so much for taking care of him while I am dealing with stuff. I really appreciate at you, Mom and Alaina with everything you are doing.

I am dreading the gym. I think I might die. Will you give me mouth to mouth if this happens? Better brush up on your CPR.

Austin does totally take advantage of you shopping. I think that is why he prefers to go with you ;) I'll just keep telling myself that anyways.

Matt is scatter brained sometimes.. leaving the door open.. dragging trash across the yard.. I could go on and on..

If you trip in front of the class.. I will laugh at you. Just a friendly warning.

Shmell my feet. He is such a country hick.. I love it!

I am praying for Jason, he will be fine, it will be you that is a nervous wreck :)

Moose. That's just funny. He is totally getting an e-mail for that one.

13 pounds. I think I found those
13+ pounds. Boo for hormone pills.

Maybe they will snip out the kangaroo part.. one can only hope.

Pampered Chef. That deals with food. Not good for me right now, I think I will steer clear.

You make me sound like a prude. I don't care if you keep Austin up, if he is whiney, he is your problem.

Love you!