Care Package Time Again

This one was sent to my honey for Valentine's. The rose on top was a plastic rose that I sprayed with his favorite perfume of mine. It was a big hit:o) Jason's been hitting the gym almost everyday since he's been there, so this box was packed full of high protein snacks (and a little chocolate..what's Valentine's without some chocolate!?). I stuffed a pillow in the bottom since the pillows over there are so hard. I think I have him spoiled to the comfier things in life, hehe. Throw in a couple of bags of his favorite buffalo wing pretzels and a pair of weight lifting gloves, and he was a happy man. I'm getting pretty good at these care packages.


Ash said...

I seem to remember a certain fuzzy gift that you didn't include.. hmm :) That was my favorite part!

Karen said...

I would love getting those packages from you, too! You do very well at keeping him stocked up, and attending to his comfort even when he's not with you!

Jason said...

i love the fuzzy things that you did not write about babe and i can not wait to get home and lock myself to you ooops did i give it away lol i love you babe