The Hustle and Bustle

Mon: 9 am Hair Appt.
Finish Laundry and Pack for Maryland
Tue: 6 am - be on base to get orders for Maryland training trip
9 am - pick up rental car for trip
10ish - Drive, drive, drive
Wed, Thurs, Fri: Jason has training in Maryland
Fri: 10 am - Make our way back home
Sat: Celebrate Jason's and my friend, Tiffany's birthdays, going to Mike's Farm for yummy country style dining and a Christmas hayride

One week to be home and relax!

Fri, Dec. 19: Head home to be with our family for Christmas!

I love Christmas time, but man it gets busy!


Karen said...

yes, it's gonna be a whirlwind two weeks! Be careful, be safe, talk to you soon.
Love you muches!
Ha! The word verification thingy says redrama. Hmmmm.....

Vanessa Cole said...

Merry Christmas!

I'm back in Blogland with a new blog that fits me where I am now in my life. Please stop by if you get a chance.

You will find me at "In Search Of."